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Studio Stigsby is a creative and collaborative office operating in the intersecting fields of design, architecture, development strategies and project management. Our work integrates conceptual thinking, research and performance value to establish a responsive architectural environment.


Our guiding principle aims to create space capable of seamlessly merging user, function and context. We thrive to advance a social awareness and responsibility to better the physical environments we create. Through flexible and efficient solutions our spatial discipline and aesthetic shapes an architectural vision custom tailored to each individual client needs.


We understand design to be a pragmatic process based on possibilities and discovery, not limited by restraints or preconceptions. Through inventive thinking, we see challenges as potential opportunities to excel the intelligence and quality of our projects. We approach every project with an interdisciplinary mindset - bringing together a field of knowledge and expertise.


We primarliy work in the tri-state area and on select projects elsewhere in the US and occasionally abroad.


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